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Welcome to RNS Financial Services Ltd , Independent Financial Advisers in North Lincolnshire


The Coronavirus has created an unprecedented level of worry and uncertainty around the world.

RNS Financial Advisers want to let you know that our people are here for you, and we are continuing to manage your investments for the best possible outcomes. Disruptive events will always occur during any investment journey and investment portfolios are diversified to help manage these disruptions. It does not make them immune to global events but it does help in periods of financial uncertainty. History tells us that businesses and economies will recover and so will stock markets. Global policy action is already substantial and that bodes well for recovery. It is a difficult period but things will get better if past crisis have been anything to go by.

Our Financial Advisers are here to assist and help you with any questions or concerns.

It is our desire to maintain the highest standards of client care and service that we can. We have followed the advice issued by the UK Government and feel it is appropriate to let you know how we intend to deal with this ever-changing situation.

Following the Government announcement on 23 March we have now closed our offices to protect our clients and staff. Rest assured, we remain open for business, significant numbers of staff are working from home where they can access all files remotely. We are focussed on maintaining our normal levels of support and advice in these challenging times. Inbound office calls will be answered and our team remains available through the normal communication methods.

It is important that we take these proactive steps to minimise the spread of COVID-19. We will react as best we can to ensure that we continue to provide the excellent service that our clients deserve. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will take any action we deem necessary. We hope you understand the reasons for this communication and we want you to know how much we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this time. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The great joy of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about life's uncertainties, and our aim is to pave the way for a more secure financial future for you, your family and for businesses of all sizes.

You are the focus of our business: You, your life, your family, your future.

Our understanding of your current financial situation is the keystone to the formulation of a financial plan which will meet your future needs. Many people have goals and dreams, but a goal without a plan is just a wish... an achievable goal is a dream with a deadline.

So it all starts with listening. We listen to your needs, your hopes your dreams, and we formulate a plan, which enables us to offer you clear, no-jargon advice on the most appropriate financial products for your personal circumstances.

This is the start of our journey together, to prepare the plan to meet your goals, to ensure that you, your family and your assets are protected, and to help you build a brighter, more secure future.

Call us today on 01724 842 713 or complete our short enquiry form and we'll be pleased to help you.

ABOUT RNS Financial Advisers

Who we are and what we do


RNS Independent Financial Advisers are backed by the partners of the long established regional accountancy firm RNS Chartered Accountants.

It means we can offer financial solutions that a traditional IFA can but also provide the breadth of knowledge and tax expertise afforded by advisers who are also qualified accountants.

We encourage prospective clients to arrange a free initial consultation at our offices in Scunthorpe, Brigg and Barton or at your home or place of business.


Our main Services

  • Savings & Investments

    There are many different ways to save, but whichever way you choose, the general idea is the same: to build up some money.

  • Life Assurance

    The main purpose of Life Assurance is to provide money for those people who may depend on you financially, in the event that...

  • Retirement Planning

    A well prepared pension plan which is regularly reviewed should go some way to providing you with a reasonable level of income in...


Here's how we formulate the plan towards your goals

Many people have goals and dreams, but a goal without a plan is just a wish... an achievable goal is a dream with a deadline.
  • 1

  • About you

  • We meet together to discuss your personal circumstances and your current financial situation.

  • 2

  • Your Goals & Ambitions

  • Next we discuss your objectives and your aspirations, as well as any concerns that may arise.

  • 3

  • Analysis

  • We'll discuss with you our analysis of your current financial position, and outline our initial thoughts for the plan.

  • 4

  • How to get there

  • So now we know where you are and where you want to be.

  • 5

  • Implementation

  • It's time to implement the plan. Every course of action we have recommended and agreed with you is now put into motion.

  • 6

  • Review the Plan & Progress Updates

  • If required, review dates will be agreed and can take place annually or more regularly if required or requested, ongoing fees will be agreed as to which service level is required.