27th April 2017

27th April 2017

Move over elite runners – the A team’s on its marks and ready to go.

Ten RNS runners will be joining the starting line-up for the North Lincolnshire Half Marathon, taking place this year from Quibell Park in Scunthorpe on 7th May at 9am.

The team members are Robert Smith, Jenny Camm, Gary Makinson, John Heeney, Alex Douglas, Karen Lyth, Sinead Hill, Abi Wilmore, Susan Ward, Sarah Dennie, Jane Harsley and Hayley Barber.

We’ve asked some of the riders how their preparations are going:

Name:  John Heeney

Position: Partner

Have you run this distance before? Yes, in my 20’s I ran quite a few half and 4 or 5 full marathons, but not done anything like this for over 20 years. 

How’s the training going? Slowly mostly…..have been nursing my calf-muscle which I tore a couple of years ago playing badminton, which has slowed things down quite a bit.

What do you listen to when running? I can mostly hear a fat bloke gasping for breath, but I find Placebo, the Editors and the TrainSpotting soundtrack quite good to keep me going.

Target time: I have no expectations of a finish time…..I just hope to finish with my calf-muscle intact and before the sweeping-up stewards.

Name: Robert Smith

Position: Partner

Have you run this distance before?  Only once, I did the St Neots Half Marathon in November, 2016.

How’s the training going? My wife is training for a full marathon so I have done a bit with her but it is providing difficult to fit in many miles.

What do you listen to when running? Nothing, I prefer the solitude and thinking time away from the bustle of the office and home life.

Target time: I managed 1hr 28 the last time I ran the distance but I was in tip-top running condition then so would settle 1hr 40!

 Jenny Camm

Position: Partner

Have you run this distance before?  Yes, I did the North Lincs Half Marathon last year and have done the Great North Run the last two years.

How’s the training going? I am up to 10k in my training so nearly half way there nearly!

What do you listen to when running? I don’t listen to anything as I run with friends so try and talk to pass the time if not too out of breath.

Target time: 2 hrs 25 mins

  Karen Lyth

Position: Partner

Have you run this distance before? Yes, once before. I completed the Mablethorpe half marathon in October, 2014.

How’s the training going? Ok, I was a little rusty but trying to get in three sessions a week. I did the Lincoln 10K as a warm up!

What do you listen to when running? Anything with a good beat really. I have 101 running tracks which is a great mixture of all sorts.

Target time: I completed the Mablethorpe Half in 2 hours 36 minutes so I’m not going to break any records. I would like to go sub two-and-a-half hours but the most important thing for me will be running it all with no walking.

  Sinéad Hill

Position: Manager

Have you run this distance before? Yes, I did the Great North Run four years in a row 2010 to 2013.

How’s the training going? A lot better than I expected after a few years of not doing much running and a hamstring injury last year.

What do you listen to when running? After realising how rubbish my taste in music is I downloaded ‘The Nation’s Favourite Running Songs’ album – it’s a right random mix!

Target time: My half marathon PB is 2.24 so I would like to be somewhere around that mark.

  Sue Ward

Position: Book Keeper

Have you run this distance before? No.

How’s the training going? Not too bad, running through the niggles!  Not enjoying the Sunday long runs.

What do you listen to when running? Usually just my feet or anyone I can drag out to run with me and chat with.

Target time: Would love to get as close to two hours as possible, but to finish will be amazing.

  Sarah Dennie

Position: Manager

Have you run this distance before? No, the furthest I’ve run is the Hull 10K last year.

How’s the training going? Ok I think, just about managing to get a couple of runs in a week to build up the miles.

What do you listen to when running? I don’t really – I run once a week with Sinéad so usually it’s just us gossiping!

Target time: I’m aiming to get as close to two-and-a-half hours as possible.

:  Abi Wilmore

Position: Trainee Chartered Accountant 

Have you run this distance before? Nope, never. I only managed my first 10k last summer 

How’s the training going? I’ve been running with Scunthorpe running club, to help keep me motivated but I am currently only up to about 7 miles, I figured if I can get to 10 miles before the race, I can drag my legs for the final 3!

What do you listen to when running? When I run with the running club, nothing. It’s usually just a chance to gossip! But if I go out on my own, anything dance-y, like Calvin Harris etc.

Target time: I don’t have any specific time in mind, anything sub 3 hours I would be happy with. My goal really is just to finish and not walk any of it!

The team members are (left to right) John Heeney, Sinead Hill, Sarah Dennie, Robert Smith, Abi Wilmore, Gary Makinson, Hayley Barber, Susan Ward, Jenny Camm and Alex Douglas. Not pictured are Karen Lyth and Jane Harsley